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Our chocolate brownies are dark and squidgy. A good sugary crust with a soft centre. Not cake-y, and not biscuit-y just the perfect balance.

Additional ingredients required
2 eggs, 125g melted butter
Tin – 20x20cm square
Preheat Oven to 180°C
In a bowl combine SQUIDGY CHOCOLATE BROWNIE mix with 2 eggs and melted butter.
Mix until well combined.
Transfer mixture into lined
or greased cake tin and place in preheated oven.
Bake for 25-35 minutes OR until set. A metal skewer inserted into the centre of the brownie should be hot to the touch.
Oven temperatures and settings may vary.

Ingredients – Sugar, flour WHEAT,cocoa powder,chocolate (sugar, vegetable fat, cocoa powder,MILK solids, emulsifiers (SOY lecithin, 476, 492) flavour). Serves 8

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