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Retro vintage furniture

Sat, 20 Feb 2016 07:49:26 GMT

I love the decor of the cafe with retro furniture and art work through out. I am a Furniture maker from Minnie Water and I've created a New concept in retro vintage furniture called "Honey Infused" My furniture is crafted from reclaimed Bee Boxes that have been infused with a beautiful, subtle honey scent from years of hard working Bees and recycled local timbers. These totally unique pieces are finished with an all natural Beeswax furniture polish that I make on premise in Minnie Water. For more info go to www.kingsleychant.com.au or Ph 0432023293 [Yuraygir Console](//muut.com/u/icnetwork/s3/:icnetwork:AoKk:yuraygirconsole.jpg.jpg)

Sun, 21 Feb 2016 04:48:21 GMT

Hi Kingsley, thanks for the great comments. Sorry I missed you the other day in the cafe. I love your work. We'll have to pop in next time we're in Minnie Water and say hi and check our your beautiful designs. Until then, take care. David

Sun, 21 Feb 2016 07:33:42 GMT

Hi David, I was with Debrah Novak, I did meet Antony and I would love for you guys to call in and see my creations down here. I will certainly be directing my friends to your cafe in Yamba. Great atmosphere, beautiful Staff and awesome menu. Cheers, hope to see you soon Kingsley.