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Ron in Vietnam

Closed Anzac Day

Each year we close on Anzac day. This is a day were we gather and focus on our family members who have fought at Gallipoli, WWII and the Vietnam war.


 Lining up the brekky wraps. #iclife #delicious #breakfast #onthego  Just hanging out waiting to ripen. Backyard bananas are best! #ironsandcraig #iclife #localbanana #hurryupandgoyellow  We’re going to have a super Easter weekend. We’d love to see you for a cuppa and a donut over the break. #iclife #yamba #myclarencevalley #donuts #handmadeanddelicous
 Happy Star Wars day groovers. R2, Chewie and Yoda making an appearance in the donut case this morning - may the Force be with you! #iclife #yamba #myclarencevalley #maythe4thbewithyou #donuts #sourdoughstarwarsday  We have sourced some great #biodegradable #reusable #takeaway coffee cups - we LOVE THEM. Spill-proof screw on lids, insulated, and made from straw, bamboo and rice husks. Make the switch next time you order a take away, and we’ll throw in the first fill up for FREE!  Our little mate Dwayne, the resident water DWagon is spending some time out under the tables this morning. Don’t be alarmed! He’s just looking for a scrap of bacon. #wildlife #urbandragon #iclife #yamba
 Colour matching the frosting for Friday donuts - #ironsandcraig #donuts #maythefourthbewithyou  The long weekend has really brought out the best in us - the Maple Bacon Donut bar is back! Tasty hand made #sourdough #donuts topped with our secret maple glaze and crispy bacon. #breakfastofchampions #yamba #iclife #myclarencevalley  One Two Three. #tripleyolker #doubleyolker #singleyolker #iclife #bonusforbreakfast
 ICYMI We managed to use our last plastic straw yesterday. We’ve happily made the switch to PLA which are compostable, biodegradable and carbon neutral in their production. Can’t wait to start chucking straws into the compost rather than into landfill. #ironsandcraig #nomoreplasticstraws #yamba #iclife  Tasty hot cross bun-nuts. Fresh sourdough Easter treats. #donuts #publicholiday #treatyoself  #latergram Hayley and Mo’s wedding #cake with beautiful flowers from @wildflowerwanderings #summerinthegarden #yambawedding @am.weddings @ironsandcraig @blissandwillow




Fresh Coffee and Fresh Donuts: Everyday 5.30am - 12.00pm
Breakfast: Everyday 7.00am - 11.30am

We are committed to using the freshest, locally sourced produce to make delicious food - it’s that simple.
The venue is named for our Grandmothers, Olga Irons and Joan Craig, and we feel a great responsibility to bring their values of hospitality and a warm welcome to everything that we do.
We’ve created a space where our customers feel as though they are at their own Grandmother’s house for a family meal, or morning tea. With vintage furniture, great local food, delicious coffee, and old fashioned, genuine hospitality we hope you enjoy your visit.


The Village Garden Project


We designed a project to help those living in Aged Care Facilities to create edible, floral and sensory gardens. We assist and facilitate with the community members and businesses to grow gardens.


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