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Honey and Knives. 12th November

Sunday 12th November. 2.30 pm. In the BackYard. Honey and Knives are back to perform new music from their recent album release ‘Who Are You’. Spanning familiar genres of folk, bluegrass and country, but also exploring jazz, soul, blues and Celtic influences, ‘Who Are You’ is an ambitious album. Honey and Knives are always high up…
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 Our little mate Dwayne, the resident water DWagon is spending some time out under the tables this morning. Don’t be alarmed! He’s just looking for a scrap of bacon. #wildlife #urbandragon #iclife #yamba  We are ditching the straws. Come and have a guess when we’ll use the last one for your chance to win a $50 voucher. #plasticfree #nomorestraws #sustainablecafe #yamba #myclarencevalley #strawfreeoceans  All day brunching with the team at @driftyamba So delicious
 One Two Three. #tripleyolker #doubleyolker #singleyolker #iclife #bonusforbreakfast  This is Dwayne, our resident water dWagon cooling off in one of our water feature pots out the back. #belikedwayne and keep cool. #iclife #ironsandcraig #yamba #nativewildlifeaustralia #urbananimals  Always ready for a party. Happy Xmas @fnreyamba #festivusfortherestofus #yamba #backyard
 #latergram Hayley and Mo’s wedding #cake with beautiful flowers from @wildflowerwanderings #summerinthegarden #yambawedding @am.weddings @ironsandcraig @blissandwillow  Our celebrations have started with a fizz on the back deck. Happy New Year to all. We will be dishing out the hangover caffeine tomorrow starting the New Year the way we mean to continue - one delicious coffee at a time. See you from 7am #iclife #coffeerecovery #newyearseve #yamba  Today’s feature - #rainbow #sprinkles -naturally. #loveislove
 Ready for a celebration. Congratulations to the happy couple. #wedding #yamba #myclarencevalley @blissandwillow @ironsandcraig  Summer sunrise. Another great day ahead. Sometimes the early donut-making starts are really worth it. #iclife #donuts #earlystarts  Cranberry sauce be buggered! Loading up awesome local blueberries for a batch of Sweet and Sour pickled blueberries for the best roast turkey sandwiches this Christmas holidays. #leftovers #pickles #iclife #yamba #christmasgifts




Fresh Coffee and Fresh Donuts: Everyday 5.30am - 12.00pm
Breakfast: Everyday 7.00am - 11.30am

We are committed to using the freshest, locally sourced produce to make delicious food - it’s that simple.
The venue is named for our Grandmothers, Olga Irons and Joan Craig, and we feel a great responsibility to bring their values of hospitality and a warm welcome to everything that we do.
We’ve created a space where our customers feel as though they are at their own Grandmother’s house for a family meal, or morning tea. With vintage furniture, great local food, delicious coffee, and old fashioned, genuine hospitality we hope you enjoy your visit.


The Village Garden Project


We designed a project to help those living in Aged Care Facilities to create edible, floral and sensory gardens. We assist and facilitate with the community members and businesses to grow gardens.


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